About the Trust

Byways and Bridleways Trust (BBT) is a charity which exists to protect bridleways and byways in England and Wales.

The Trust's charitable aim is:

To protect, preserve, maintain, secure, improve and develop public rights of way for the benefit of the public at large, so that the conditions of life may be improved, in particular by taking steps to ensure high standards of surveying and recording on definitive maps and any other public records of public rights of way over byways open to all traffic, roads used as public paths, unmetalled carriageways, green lanes, drove roads, driftways and bridleways in England and Wales.

Statutory Notices

The Trust is a statutory consultee for proposed changes or effects on public rights of way (minor highways).

If you are sending the Trust a notice or a consultation, please use


We are aware that some regulations are very old and require service of notice by post but we prefer you to use email instead.

The Charity

The Byways and Bridleways Trust is a charity registered with the number 280214 in 1980. The registered address is:

Harwood Dale
YO13 0DS

Please use email for notices (notices@bywaysandbridlewaystrust.org.uk).

The Trust changed address in 2018 and as there is no central contact for all authorities, it has proved difficult to inform all who serve notices or consultations. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.


The domain bywayandbridleway.net is not owned by the Byways and Bridleways Trust but a website on that domain is fraudulently using the name of the Trust. The Trust is seeking legal advice on action against the misleading site.

Forty years ago ...

Forty years ago today, 23 May 1979, the first Byway and Bridleway was published.

Errors in Dunlop

The judgment in Dunlop v Secretary of State for the Environment and Cambridgeshire County Council [1995] 94 LGR 427 is widely considered to be flawed. The Trust has been researching and gathering evidence to substantiate that view.


BBT Archive contains a number of documents and the Byway and Bridleway library. Some material remains current; some will have been overtaken by changes in law or procedure. All should be used with discretion and caution. The Trust takes no responsibility for your use of any content.