The Seymour Papers

Colin Seymour worked tirelessly to protect and record the ancient roads which had slipped through the many holes of council processes for recording highways and asserting public rights over them.

The following are collectively known as 'The Seymour Papers', generally either his submissions for cases or essays on historical concepts pertaining to highways.


Clough Head Road

Methley Junction

Methley Junction DMMO Legal Submissions

Skewkirk Bridge, 22 December 1986

Skewkirk Bridge, 6 March 1987

Bottom Road, Crowle, Yorkshire



Moving RoW erosion

Passage & Carriage

Private and Occupation Roads

Public of the Locality

Railways as highways

Ratione Tenurae an Obligation to the Public

Soil of the Commons

The Bridge Book

The Dunlop Judgment