The Seymour Papers

The Seymour Papers

Colin Seymour is probably the most prolific and successful litigant in person (in court, not the much-less-hazardous public inquiries) in rights of way, hedgerow, and highway law over the past forty years. Now largely retired, Colin wrote his memoirs about his work in a ten-part series, ‘My Way to My Ways’, which was featured in Byway and Bridleway through 2010 and 2011 (both years available via this website). The issue references are also in the Byway and Bridleway Index. Some of Colin’s hedgerow protection cases are also in the Index under ‘Hedges’, and details of how his ‘hedgerow case’ influenced Parliament can be viewed or downloaded here.

Colin Seymour did much of his work in the era before word processors and electronic filing and retrieval. Not all of his case papers have survived, and some of those that have are in the note-form common when the typewriter was the only improvement on the pen. A selection of Colin’s case papers are available via the links below. As with all materials on this site, some parts have inevitably been overtaken by changes to the law and our understanding of the law.

Seymour Papers-Clough Head Road

Seymour Papers-Methley Junction DMMO Legal Submissions

Seymour Papers-Methley Junction

Seymour Papers-Moving RoW – Erosion

Seymour Papers-Passage & Carriage

Seymour Papers-Private and Occupation Roads

Seymour Papers-Public of the Locality

Seymour Papers-Railways as highways

Seymour Papers-Ratione Tenurae an Obligation to the Public

Seymour Papers-Skewkirk Bridge, 6 March 1987

Seymour Papers-Skewkirk Bridge, 22 December 1986

Seymour Papers-Soil of the Commons

Seymour Papers-The Bridge Book

Seymour Papers-the Dunlop Judgment

Seymour Papers-Yorkshire Moors Bottom Road, Crowle