JfA 2016 Day 11: Grazing with a view

JfA 2016 Day 11: Grazing with a view

Coombe Keynes, Lulworth to Kingston

Today we have all felt great to be alive, wonderful weather, riding, scenery and more. This is what it is all meant to be about. No sagging gates; good going and fresher horses after their day’s rest.

Gate with a view  

Venetia and I did the five miles of roadwork through the MOD property, only open to the public at weekends. It was a lovely day, but the traffic ranging from old classic cars to camper vans was non-stop. At one point we looked lovingly over the fence at a path, which was only for walkers. How sad that with the density of traffic the MOD had not allowed a safe off-road track all the way for non-motorised users.


We stopped at the top of Povington Hill and allowed the horses a long graze as they had spent two days in stables and were starving! We had dramatic views to entertain us. Elizabeth and Rachel, our B&B host, then joined us by lorry with the two ponies and we all rode on to Kingston. Superb views of the Purbeck but Dorset still seems to be prone to putting jolly little yellow waymarks on bridleways so – riders of horses and cycles – they obviously want you to ride all yellow marked routes! If the authorities can’t get it right, how can they expect the poor pubic to know what is what?

Coast view

We did have the odd arable field with the path not cleared through as it should be but the contrast with West Dorset was immense. The ponies are now a possessive herd and did not take kindly to having a strange pony with them, so we all had to ride properly! But thanks to Peter and Rachel for running round us with cars, lorries and ponies.

The group

Another message to Scooby, Scylla’s blacksmith, on one slippery slope all the others were slipping and Scylla was fine, another thank you!

EK and view

And now we are joined by Charlie and Charlotte Sainsbury-Plaice, Charlie is a superb professional photographer so watch this space.

CC Burley Scylla VX Chuck BK Millersford NIcholas Grey Rachel Bronchi Connemara

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